January 6 2021

January 6, 2022, 1 Year After

Most people probably would start at a different point in time. Myself, I couldn’t begin to start anyplace but today, a place my family and friends will always remember. A day when Democracy went horribly wrong. It will be a time not forgotten. I am positive it will go down in the history books, for everyone long after I’m gone to pull apart piece by piece, layer by layer. Until each conceives their own opinion. Or until history forms it for them. 

This my friend, is the day, in my humble opinion, America lost control of who she was as a people. We became much more than Republican or Democrat, Independent, Left or Right. We became selfish to the point of civil war, possibly, one could argue. 

Yes, I’m speaking of the so-called insurrection, that’s what “they” are calling it. The day votes were stolen, or were they? I can only tell you what I believe and that is yes! Most definitely. This day 6-Jan-21 undesirable things occurred to alter the order of time. The order my grandchildren will live in. The order in which events should have occurred but did not. There was a time when it was all for one, not one for all, or was that the other way around? Cutthroat, nasty, evil, the likes of nothing I hope my children and their children will ever see. Only read about or have heard about from your parents maybe even your grandparents.

You see, your parents most likely were the “woke”, the “cancel culture” the “sheep”, the “but where’s my free ticket?” type of people not that they were bad people, just woke up at the wrong time, uninformed, unaware, with unbridled enthusiasm.

Yes, this was the time when then President Donald J. Trump(2017-2021) was running for his final term against a career politician now known as President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr (2021-?) Ouch! Even now that hurts to read. Anyway, President Trump well, he was an outsider, as us old folks would say the (black) sheep. Be very careful with that word by the way.  We will get to that a bit later.

I liked him, liked the fact he was an outsider. Most, I think, believed he was a great new start for All Americans, we had lower gas prices, we weren’t at war, two steaks didn’t cost 35 dollar’s for Sunday dinner, everyone who wanted to work, worked! Things were pretty damn good considering after all, we had  just come off of a radical, racially divided America run by then President Barack Hussein Obama ll (2009-2017). As I look back I’d have to say I believe it was right about then thing’s started down a very slippery slope.

But that’s a whole other day and story. 

At this point you can probably get the idea I have no idea how to write a damn blog or even an APA essay. But, I will get back to that and this tortured reading a bit later.  My stomach is telling me it’s time to eat. (2:36 pm) End. ( Boy I hope this saves and I can find it again) Til then….


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