Just another horrible painful day.

I only wish all this would come to an end. But I see the young and they fight they smile. Why? Because they are unaware of most the pain it’s part of them. But when it comes in waves to us old people that shit hurts.

I must apologize for my late approval on comments The V says it gived me email sounds and the like I have them on I even pushed the test switch but hell no they don’t work. So my sincere apologies.

I can’t post in the forum anymore, They are such techies that layman’s language they do not understand. You get reminded you need to slow down calm down. Oh BS,! They need to be calming down and learn something from people who probably should be in the web for dummies Manuel.
Until next time, live, love, love, repeat.

Trying to get out of WordPress!

Have you ever tried once you started your blog to get away from WordPress? Yeah, well the best of luck to you if you haven’t, if you have please explain to me how the hell you did it! I have tried Wix, Blogger, a few other’s and what a royal pain.

I maybe forced to stop this blog and try again at another date. Time willing. This is just totally ridiculous to a non techie! You can’t get help, you ask you post, but nothing. Go figure right!
Yep, you guessed it I’m on another role Lord help us all. I made a few decisions that I thought at the time were the correct and responsible ones! Damn was I ever so wrong! I should have done my homework much more thoroughly! But even as an adult I still slacked! I didn’t learn a damn thing!

My lesson to you is be thorough and for the love of all things holy take notes, screen shots!

Everything you can imagine and then do more! People don’t really care about you or what you want to achieve, not unless something is in it for them.

Conclusion: study study study! (End:3:21am)